Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rub A Dub Dub Drinking Coke in the Tub

We couldn't believe Benjamin asked for a coke and his sunglasses during his bath time!!Hey-whatever it takes to get him clean!! And believe me he really needed to get clean!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Future Pianist??

Our very fussy baby settled down almost immediately after Nathan started playing the piano for him!! Is it a coincidence that Nathan happened to be playing Benjamin a song he'd written for me?? Hmmm...we think he's going to grow up and be a musical genius.:)No pressure or anything.......

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Adidas Outfit

Elizabeth, Benjamin, and I were getting ready to go to White Rock Lake yesterday, and it was pretty cold (for Texas). We bundled Benjamin up in a new Adidas outfit that Lisa (E's Mom) gave us. He looked pretty cute, so we took some pictures, and we actually got him smiling in a couple of them. He has red eyes in the picture, but that's not really what his eyes look like. I assure you that his pupils are black just like every other human being. However, the unwanted redness does help to offset the blueness of his eyes, which we like very much.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Becky and Ben

Becky was so sweet with Benjamin! She's going to be a great Aunt-we can already tell. She fed him like a pro-and he's an incredibly messy eater when he eats from a bottle! The bib has revolutionized our lives!!! We never leave home without one...or two...or three!

Mr. Jones meet the other Mr. Joneses

Nathan's brothers stopped by my sister's house in Columbia to meet Benjamin! It was a quick visit, but we enjoyed showing off our kiddo!

Go Bears!!

We stopped in Springfield at the end of October, to see Andrew at MSU and introduce him to his new nephew!! Benjamin looks so small compared to the enormous bear mascot and tall Andrew!! Ironically enough Benjamin was wearing a Mizzou onesie!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Halloween

We were in Missouri a couple weeks ago for a wedding. It was a super-quick trip, but we really enjoyed the fall weather and the colors of the trees! We don't get much of that in Dallas-every tree pretty much turned brown in June....anyway, my sister's very talented boyfriend took some pictures of Benjamin in his pumpkin outfit. Benjamin looks more like a carrot than a pumpkin, but he was pretty cute, a little fussy, but adorable!

Benjamin is 7 weeks old!!

Wow! Time flies by so quickly! It's hard to believe that I was pregnant 7 weeks ago! We are adjusting to our new life with little Benjamin. Nathan and I are much more confident as parents then we were a few weeks ago! We were blessed with a very precious little boy-who is so much fun. It was hard at first, but he started smiling at 5 weeks and let me tell you, when your baby responds to you for the first time it is an amazing feeling! He's cooing at us and kicks his arms and legs out when he gets's precious. I'm dreading going back to work, I'm going to miss him too much. Who knew you could love someone so much...God is good. N's close to finishing this semester at Dallas Theological Seminary-we'll enjoy some family time in Missouri over the holidays. We're looking forward to a break! :) This is our first attempt at "blogging", we thought it'd be a good way to catch everyone up with what's going on in our lives and for us to share some pictures with everyone! Enjoy and Take Care!