Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rice Cereal

Ok, so Benjamin is 4 months old now. He's 16 lbs and getting fatter every day! I love it!! We had our 4 month check up on Monday. He's growing way too fast! He's now 26 1/2 inches long-it's amazing how many inches that kid can grow in a months time!! :) The Dr said it was time to start feeding him rice cereal twice a day...not Benjamin's favorite thing. He's not quite sure what to do with the stuff and I don't blame him...have you tasted rice cereal??? It tastes like the box it comes in! We're working on swallowing, right now he just sort of smiles at me and pushes the stuff out of his mouth with his tongue. We'll get there, next month we start fruits...maybe he'll like that a little better.

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