Monday, January 22, 2007

Wow! Time has flown by me! Benjamin is getting so big, so fast-we can hardly keep up! Hmmm..where to start. We went to Missouri for Thanksgiving and Christmas and got to see some much missed family. Benjamin met his great grandparents for the first time! My Dad came back from Baghdad and was introduced to his new grandson! Our car died in Eufaula Oklahoma a few days before Christmas. Thankfully, a battery change in an O'Reilly's parking lot and AAA got us home safely, unfortunately, my car had seen it's last trip to and from Texas. What else...I'm working part-time now, so I can be home as much as possible with my precious little boy. Nathan's started a new semester at the Seminary and is still teaching part-time at a Christian school. We've been married three years now-hard to believe. We're starting to like Texas a little bit-but don't tell anyone. Really it's just the people here and our church. We're looking forward to 2007 and it's new beginnings. We're praying we make the most of this year!

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